Clique system

Worldwide Organized Breakout Operation
      "It was planned and now its ready."

What is the Clique system?

An optional system that lays down a new standard and direction.


Introducing the Jointasset account

"we agree with you, you agree with us."

                                                 What is a jointasset account?
A jointasset account is an account on any available social media that is created to have a major following status instead of follower status. This usually works by follow for follow back and gives this action a new meaning, in most cases this action will be taken as far as possible or allowed bringing in the attention to anyone that desires it. This guarantees and provides a large audience although the difference between a normal account that follows people and a jointasset account is that it is very similar to a shareasset account, any profit that the jointasset account makes goes back directly to its followers available to anyone that claims it. Take note that the way the shareasset account and the jointasset account function are exactly same excluding that a joinasset account will be following instead of gaining them.  

                                            >Available jointasset accounts can be found down below<

Jointasset account

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Jointasset account

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