Will crowded and stabilized option exist in a jointasset account?

No, this will not exist in a jointasset account.

Although shareasset and jointasset accounts may be similar they are very different. The only reason why it will not exist is due to only that jointasset accounts are meant to grow and gain large audiences. 


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Different methods

A jointasset account has only one goal: to follow.

 the way we achieve that goal is different.


Rapid                                                      vs.                                                  Faction

The methods

The two methods used by C.L.A.N.N to gain an audience

What is the Faction method?
We grow them instead of any other that does not associate with C.L.A.N.N.
Not accessible to the public                                     -             Private


What is the Rapid method?
We allow several people to access and use the account or accounts.
Accessible to the public                                               -            Public

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